Justin William McMakin
Business Development Director

I am committed to facilitating vision, conveying core values and targeted communication using multimedia to achieve peak desires for business development.


I have 20 years of experience in the creative communications industry and a track record of helping over 150 brands communicate successfully since I attended George Brown for Advertising and Design. I have grown to be a very helpful as a business developer, facilitator at meetings, team lead, project manager, speaker/presenter and creative director in the production studio. I pride myself in seeing clients happy with solutions that truly suite their business vision and exceeds their goals.

Dig Deeper 😉

Vision Facilitation

As a Vision Facilitator I support my clients on the journey toward clearly expressing & sharing their vision. A Vision Discovery is a process that has been refined for over 20 years. It supports the release of a thought leader’s self-expression in a structured way to attain a vision from multiple perspectives.

Primary Skills

Business Development

Project Management

Vision Facilitation

Strategic Marketing

Creative Direction

Multimedia Production

Public Relations

Event Production

Public Speaking



Events to Remember

I am passionate about planning, promoting and producing industry specific events that capture an audience and leaves them with a lasting positive impression. It’s always a great idea to have an event. Do a grand opening, investor presentation, holiday celebration, client appreciation party or simply a networking soiree. Text me and let’s start planning.