Career History

Canadian Business Support Program (CBSP)
Senior Business Development Facilitator

June  2013 – Present (3+ Years)

I am a Senior Business Development Facilitator with CBSP. I hold the ultimate responsibility for the organizations marketing activities and oversee the development and delivery of a fully integrated marketing strategy for the business and its clients.

Primary Objectives: To elevate the company’s public image, make it visible in the market place and to increase sales.

Duties as the Senior Business Development Facilitator:

  • Reports to President and core leadership team / owners
  • Development and implementation of the Brand strategy
  • Developing the marketing strategy for new and existing products
  • Overseeing implementation of the Marketing strategy – including the planning, production and publishing of campaigns, events, digital marketing, and PR
  • Producing and editing branded multimedia including audio, video, text, website, code, photographs, and graphic design when possible
  • Working closely with the company’s Sales team; enabling them to meet their commercial objectives by providing them with appropriate tools, materials and presentations
  • Guiding the day to day activities of the marketing production and sales teams
  • Ensuring that the marketing objectives are implemented by the marketing team
  • Work closely with product management team to define marketing materials and programs
  • Manage social media presence and direct programs to improve social media reputation and recognition
  • Developing and delivering marketing and communications strategies for the organization
  • Undertake continuous analysis of competitive environment and consumer trends
  • Socializing and networking with prospects, strategic partners, and political allies


Full Media Centre
Creative Director

June 2009 – February 2015 (5 years 9 months)
Toronto, Canada Area

I was Creative Director and Founder of Full Media Centre. Primary services and projects include the planning, production, and publishing of of multimedia including but not limited to television, radio, internet, print and software. Other tasks included prospect presentations, account contracts and creative project management for a variety of industries such as property restoration, medical, e-commerce, hospitality, fashion and personal development.

Developed and managed budgets, creative / technical teams, client expectations, sales and marketing strategies.

Created the Full Media System – marketing funnels and target audience niche communications to teach to clients and entrepreneurial audiences.


Senior Project Manager

August 2008 – January 2009 (6 months)
Toronto, Canada Area

Primary responsibilities were managing the client (VP of Communications Bank of America) expectations while leading the creative and technical teams to develop

We had to collect, edit, revise and recreate 80 tutorials from 12 years of online support done in multiple formats. Then we needed to create a user friendly interface to present all of the revised support tutorials in PDF, HTML and Flash interactive simulations.

While managing the project my department manager and director left leaving me in charge of the Bank of America account and projects. I then took over a few small micro site developments and a comedic series of tv commercials to promote the new Info Center once launched.

A total of over 2 million in project budgets to manage in a 6 month period. All projects were published with success. It was a fantastic learning experience to work with such a huge client and amazingly talented team.


Co-Founder and Senior Project Manager

September 2006 – July 2008 (1 year 11 months)
Toronto, Canada Area

  • I took the vision for a Dynamic Automated Websites Membership System (DAWMS) from idea to market ready.
  • Wrote the offering memorandum to raise the development capital.
  • Created the new software application specifications documentation.
  • Sourced and managed the development team to create the initial application.
  • Tested and directed patches, updates and upgrades to meet user requirements.

Created a retail consumer instant website service for non-technical people ideal for launching a new business or short term projects or events called to establish proof of concept for the software now known as DAWMS which is now a proprietary software that can be rebranded to serve as a dynamic automated website management system for content providers and community driven client retention platforms.

It was a massive learning experience to take an idea from nothing to a technology that serves clients globally.